How to “Go!” “in peace”

“Go in peace” seems like a mighty good idea. “Go!” implies the forward inevitability that is life. More than that, it’s a privilege to feel I have somewhere to go, somewhere I can arrive, somewhere to come home to.

“In peace” should be second nature because, in reality, I have control over very little. I believe that God is in control of the universe and graciously, because of his nature, provides me a story within his story. Wow. Of course I should be at peace. God’s Kingdom is at work.

Living between the going (life) and the being at peace (I’m little, God is big) should therefore come naturally. But see, so many things in this 1+1 equation seems to go wrong for me.  I might sprint off towards a good cause, “go!”, before realizing I need to rest in the love of my good shepherd, and my sprint leaves me sprawled on my face. I might look around and feel at “peace” because of my circumstances; or, my biggest fear, life may meander from peaceful to stagnant (gasp!).

Regardless of if my life is going 100 mph or feeling circumstantially peaceful, I don’t want to live too long at either pole. Life is here today, gone tomorrow, and I really want to “Go, in peace”, not one or the other.

I may trust God, I may believe he exists, but to be at peace is a ‘quietness of the will’. That’s true surrender, and that’s hard.

To “Go, in peace” seems like the ultimate lifestyle to me. It seems the most elusive balance to me right now, too.

To “Go, in peace” is no easy task. It’s living between the sprint and the lying down. It’s doing both simultaneously, not doing both halfway. This is humanly impossible. I believe the two concepts – go and peace – are as close as we get to that extra-dimensional reality that God gives us the power to seek, and intends for us.


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